Lusus: Cycling Events
Lusus: Cycling Events

Mad Cow Cyclocross Series #4

Location: Cowhouse Market, Hazeldean

Date: Saturday, 18 May 2019


Cyclocross: the exhilarating and aerobic sport of racing a bicycle over hill and dale mixing tarmac, gravel, mud, run-ups and obstacles designed to dismount the riders and go it on foot. Like a mixture of steeple chase and criterium races for road bikes, Cyclocross races repeat a course over a fixed time, with the strongest and fastest riders winning.For the racers it’s all about skill and high intensity bike racing. For the spectators it’s all about the festival atmosphere, good food and drink and drama of the event.

VenueThe Cowhouse Market, Hazeldean

Dates9 Feb 2018 – Event #1, Romancing the Cow (07h30 – 12h30)16 Mar 2018 – Event #2, No More Bull (07h30 – 12h30)20 April 2018 – Event #3, Night of the Cow (16h00 – 21h00)18 May 2018 – Event #4, Serious Uddertaking (08h00 – 13h00)Registration for all events opens 60 minutes before the start times.

Entries & TimingBouttime Event Management:

Racing CategoriesElite category - Ages from 18 onwards on Cyclocross specific bikes only. General category - Sub-category ages from 16 onwards.Junior Category - Sub-category ages from 13 to 15.

PrizesCategory winners for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male & Female.Fastest lap of the day, Junior and Senior Male & Female.

Allowable bikesElite category - only UCI specific Cyclocross bikes i.e. both wheels same size 700c fitted with max width 35mm tyres, classic “drop” bar handle bars of max width 500mm, both front and rear wheel brakes.General and Junior categories - any single rider (no tandems), non-motorized (including e-bikes) bike falling into the classifications of: road, cyclocross, mountain, gravel and BMX bikes.

Event formatMultiple heats, 30-minutes each at 1-hour intervals.Heat 1, 2 & 3 = All CategoriesFinal = All Categories

Contact GoSport EventsAssie: 082 453 0096; [email protected]Gareth: 073 572 2515; [email protected]

Notes:No Helmet No Ride. Appropriate cycling clothing must be worn with closed shoes only.The timing system allows for all categories to compete together.The Final is conducted on a “Fox and Hound” format using a handicapped starting time, calculated from the average lap times of each rider from the preceding heats, with slowest riders starting first.Riders must compete in at least two heats to be eligible to compete in the Final.Fastest lap times are recorded live for the “Fastest Lap” prizes.A Pit Area is provided for a spare bike and technical equipment. One supporter per rider is permitted in the Pit Area. A water point is also provided at the Pit Area.Changes to the event format as required on the day are at the discretion of the organizers.