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Lusus: Cycling Events

Bikepacking | Silo Wonders Route | Overnight

Location: Val Hotel

Date: 11 August 2018 - 12 August 2018


BIKEPACKING.AFRICAABOUT THE ROUTE:I often call the silo Wonders Route a “connecting” route. Not because the route connects Val and the town of Vrede but rather as this route connects other routes to form a longer bikepacking route that can easily go as far as 600 km.​As a route on its own, the Silo Wonders is great. You will make your way from the Val to Vrede over a 100 km crossing the Vaal River.​Pay your own way: you will be responsible to pay for your own meals and accommodation, snacks and drinks along the route.Admin Fees: Include but not limited to, the ride organizer being responsible for leading the group, will share information about sights along the route, assist with pre ride preparations questions and arrange with all venues to expect and prepare for guests. Might also include the special arrangement with private land owners to gain access to remote trails. Admin fees are also applied to charity ventures, route maintenance/development and running costs.​Who will enjoy this route: Persons looking for a mountain bike adventure. Camping is part of bikepacking and if you love camping you will be right at home.​What you will need: Tent, sleeping bag, inflatable mattress and pillow for camping. See the packing list for what you might need on a bikepacking adventure packing list.​Bike and gear rentals are available on request.