Lusus: Cycling Events
Lusus: Cycling Events

REDHUB Triathlon/Duathlon ROAD AND MTB


Date: 19 August 2018


Redhub 2018 series for Triathletes:

FIFTH EVENT ON 19 AUGUST 2018, Redhub#5, event 5 of 6 for the 2018.

Key points for the event and series:

  • Redhub will host the event at Cradle Moon Lodge as always, catering for Road Triathletes, Cross Triathletes and Duathletes. Both road and MTB Triathletes will have standard distances or Sprint distances, A total of 6 options on the day.
  • NOTE: The format will be a challenge for the experienced Duathlete, but is aimed to draw more beginners into the world of multisport. For the Duathlon entry fees will be R295. The Duathlon format will be 4/40/5 km for road athletes and 4/25/5 km for MTB athletes. In addition, a category for junior athletes will be added for Duathletes. .
  • The point system is in place after event 1. Series standings will be published on Spectrum Sport website. Points are awarded to the first 5 finishers in each category, and series trophies (and more) at the end of the season, for category achievers. All competitive athletes should watch this space and take part! The series comprises of 6 events. Competitors score points in 4 events. WITH 2 EVENTS TO GO, athletes who missed out on previous events are still very much in the running! Best 4 finishes for each competitor is used for final calculations at the end of the year.
  • Entry fees will be R375 for the standard road, longer cross triathlon and R275 for the sprint distance and shorter cross triathlon, AND R295 for the Duathlons. This will include day licenses for athletes not registered with TSA.
  • Triathlon is an Olympic Sport and sanctioning elevates the status of the event, improves safety for the athletes, assist with the marshalling and time keeping and promote the sport in general.
  • The event will remain, the family fun day out for the not so serious, an ideal format for the novice, but also an opportunity for the serious racers to test form, get into race shape for other events and achieve bragging rights by placing high in the results.
  • Our aim is to maintain the event as the affordable, must do, fun event on the calendar. Cradle Moon Lodge is the ideal venue, with ample developing facilities, great natural beauty, plenty wild animals to see and much more as we develop the event.
  • We do of course need sufficient participation to raise funds, develop the event into the premium event we envisage, so please share this information with your friends and family.
  • Entries will be on . Get your entry in for 19 August 2018. Redhub#5. Entries for 19 August will close at midnight 16 August 2018. Late entries on the day will cost an additional R50.
  • REMEMBER Points system is as follows: Athletes score points for the 4 best race finishes during the series. 10 points for a category win, 7 points for second, 5 points for third, 3 points for fourth and a single point for fifth. By entering at least 4 of the 6 events during the year, athletes improve their chances for a higher overall finish. So if you enter only 3 or less events in the series you score less total points. If you enter all six events, your 4 best finishes will be used to calculate your total for the series.
  • For the Redhub series, we cater for categories as follows: Overall Men, Overall Ladies, Men and Ladies in age group 20-29 will automatically compete for Overall honours. (The Overall winners can of course come from a higher age group, Specific individual age group categories will be: Men/Ladies 30-39, 40-49 and 50+. Junior category will be available in the sprint and Cross Light events and Duathlon.
  • See the following table for series dates and event format for the year.
  • Start times on 19 August will be Standard times for Road Triathlon, Cross Triathlon and Duathlon 8:00 am. Sprint Triathlon and Cross Light TRI at 8:30am.
  • Race briefing will be at 7:30 am.
  • Registration on the morning at the venue will be from 6:30 am.
  • Race rules will be in accordance with TSA published rules. Standard road triathlon will be NON-DRAFTING and sprint distance will be a drafting ALLOWED race.
  • Distances for the event on 19 August will be as published.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL RUNS ARE OFF-ROAD trail runs. Not technical in nature, but still undulating. A great different experience for road Triathletes. The last Event for 2018 will be on 28 October, mark in your calendar!