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Lusus: Cycling Events

Q4 Platberg MTB Race

Location: Platberg Eco Park

Date: 28 July 2018


Q4 Platberg MTB race.We have a 10,25,45 and 60km race and not once do you need to go out of the borders of the Platberg Eco park. You might be one of the lucky once to see some of the wildlife we have in the mountain(Eland,Zebra,Water-buck,Wildebeest and Red Heartbeest). The lady's and gentlemen that will be doing the 45km and 60km will be treated with a view in the distance of the Drakenberg mountains and even Sterkfontein dam.The route has a good amount of climbing for the longer distance but the single tracks will make up for all the hard work you did to get to the foot of the Mountain.The 10km and 25km will be just as enjoying for the riders that was not putting in the hour's thru the winter.

For the route maps and profiles visit the web page:

To enter go to: http://www.bouttime....spx?EventId=195