Lusus: Cycling Events
Lusus: Cycling Events

Infinity 24 Hour MTB Festival

Location: Rosemary Hill Farm

Date: 16 June 2018


The Infinity is not just another sport event... this is a festival with something for everyone, young and old, fast and slow, small and not so small, participant and supporter, visitors and new friends. It is a true celebration of everything that represents the spirit of a trail lover. We love riding our bicycles, we love the experiences we have and the friends we make and this festival celebrates all the things that really matter in mountain biking.It will not be about how hardcore you are, it is about sharing a challenge, about camaraderie and about embracing the experience. IT IS THE SPIRIT OF THE TRAIL!

Happening in the alive and adventure loving Gauteng trail loving community, the INFINITY 24 | 12 | 6 HOUR is an event where participants can choose between entering the mountain bike 24 or 12 or 6 hour endurance ride. The race can be entered solo or in a team of 2 or 4 team members (same or mixed sex). The competitor/s with the most laps after 24 | 12 | 6 hours of racing wins but there is absolutely no minimum laps you have to do. You can do as few or as many laps as you like and rest as often as you like... as long as you are there to share in the camaraderie and fun.

This event focuses just as much on fun as it does on the challenge so participants and supporters can enjoy a 24 hour race village with bonfires, cozy chill zone, free camping, comfort food, coffee and cappuccinos, music and a great vibe. A lap is about 10km and the minimum laps that must be done in the chosen time, is one lap. So this caters for everyone from the social group who is only there to enjoy the party, to the racing snakes and never-enders who would like to see how many laps they can complete in the allowed time.